Creative vacatons

Creative vacatons

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Absolutely Magic

After struggling the last days with clouds and little solar activity Aurora made a magic appearance last night.
The weather forecast had told me that we had to go inland to find a clear sky. When we came out in the night after the theory part, Aurora was there already. We drove 15 minutes and set up the cameras.
 Aurora was still a bit shy and hiding behind the clouds. The sky was fairly clear right above our heads, But not where Aurora was. We hoped for her to rise in the sky.
Slowly she did. 

So much that we decided to move to another location. 
The famous Ersfjord.

Still Aurora kept getting bigger and bigger, going more to the south. So after a while we drove to  the Restaurant at the End of the Universe

I was speechless. There are no words to describe this.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Laughter at Laughter Bay

The trip went to Lyngen this time. The lovely family from Singapore had chosen to stay in a cabin in Lyngseidet, in the middle of the Lyngen peninsula.

The lovely family from Singapore 

We had different options of where to go. We could have gone to Skibotn, but it's a place I've been visiting so much. Instead I decided to go north on the Lyngen peninsula, to Lattervik. Lattervik means Laughter Bay, and it was quite telling. Aurora was laughing when we arrived, and she kept laughing with us the whole night.

Try to spot the photographer.

To get a photo where the Aurora is mirrored in the water, it's important to find some water that is not moving too much. There is too often too much waves on the sea to get it right. The solution is a lake, if it's not frozen over, or a pond. On the beach there is almost always a pond to be found. If you're lucky you may also catch a photographer. 

Friday, 4 October 2013

Borderline activity

The wind is from south west. It's raining. The clouds are hanging out low on the mountain sides. There is a rumour about high solar activity. The gang who's been out with me two nights before wants to try again.

When we left someone thought it would be impossible to see anything. Someone thought there was a good chance and someone went along for the Oreo cookies.

Skibotn was cloudy, but the border had some open spots. In those open spots Aurora was waving to us.

The next day, the weather situation was the same. More optimistically this time, we headed out. The sky was clearer than the day before, but Aurora was not to be seen anywhere. I was texting with my friends at and and it was the same for them. They found clear sky, stars, darkness and no Aurora. No one said it was easy. 

The season has started!!!

The gang on their second outing.

We've been seeing Aurora from our house for quite some time now, but our first time out chasing this season was thursday September 26th. It was a dark and stormy night. Clouds everywhere. Wind, rain. We went towards Sommarøya and stopped at a beach. after several hours waiting Aurora came and said hello. We could see her through the clouds.

We managed to find a little pond with nice reflections. We got a few exposures, and then she was gone. No one said it was easy.

The same group had booked a tour the next night. This time the weather had changed, and Aurora showed us how it can be. We went to a couple of my favorite places. I let the images talk for themselves.