Creative vacatons

Creative vacatons

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Epic Epic Epic

Saturday February second was nothing less than EPIC.

When we got out of the studio after the work shop Aurora made a special dance just for us. Everybody started practicing taking photographs of the northern lights, like they had just learned in class.
They all nailed it. Straight A to the whole class.

 Putting theory into practice right away.

After spending some time just outside the studio we went on to find other sceneries. We did, but the "dona Aurora" decided to take a brake. We all understood. The show she had put up must have been exhausting. 

We went to the classical place Ersfjordbotn. The scenery there is one of the best ones in the entire region. 

After a while we got hungry and decided to go to "The Restaurant at the End of the Universe." or Rekvikeidet as the locals call it. After some soup and chocolate imported directly from Paris by one of the members in the group, we were ready to look at the sky once again.
What a shame, we thought. It's cloudy.  

We stayed an waited patiently because even though it was cloudy there  was lot of activity. The group was great. Nobody went inside the bus or gave up. We all waited patiently.  
I for one thought the clouds gave an extra dramatic aspect of the photos. 

 Then it started to clear up. The sky opened up more and more. 

 The people in the group were taking photos like there was no tomorrow. Like if photographing the northern lights were going out of fashion, like this would be the last chance to ever take a photograph again, like this was the end of the universe. 

 We stayed until 1:30 am. Then we figured out we were cold enough, the batteries were dead, the memory cards were full, Aurora was getting tired, and the clouds were moving in again.

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