Creative vacatons

Creative vacatons

Thursday, 21 February 2013

An Angel Looking Over Us

There has been an angel looking over us in February. So far I've only had one night out where we haven't seen the Northern lights. We've had many nights with very strong lights. Under this Aurora a couple got engaged! We have had some great nights going to many different places, but there are two places that are special in my heart.

The North Facing Fjord

In the bottom of this little fjord we stay protected from the wind and we enjoy a great scenery even without Aurora. I sometimes tell myself that I should stop coming here but, it's so beautiful that I cannot help myself.

When Aurora come to visit; this place is breathtaking.

 The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

This place that some people call "The Moon," I call "The Restaurant at the End of the Universe." Or if we have had our dinner in the fjord I call it "The Café at the End of the Universe." Even without Aurora it's a nice place to stay. This is where I used to ski when I was a kid. (I'm still a kid in many ways, so you might catch me skiing here when my leg gets better.) When the moon is up we enjoy the landscape. When there is no moon we can see the stars better, even the Milky Way as on the above picture. 

Even though Aurora is a bit shy, we still enjoy taking photos and having a snack. It has happened that a group that has been chatting away in the car gets completely silent when they come here. It's like being closer to the Universe when you see all the stars and Aurora is dancing for you.

When Aurora comes to visit we feel really blessed.

 The picture under is special to me because it is taken looking south. It is rare to see the Northern Lights so far south towards the horizon. I think it's because we have a peak in solar activity this year. In Tromsø we can see the Northern Lights any year, but this year we see them more often to the south than usual.

This timelapse was largely shot at these two locations.

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