Creative vacatons

Creative vacatons

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Creative Vacations goes internatianal and I get my 15 minutes of fame

We had a visit from a French TV crew and yesterday I saw the result. I must admit that it was a bit embarrassing to hear myself speaking French with a heavy accent. But I was the only Norwegian who did speak French. I guess that counts for something.

The program shows Northern Norway in a very nice way. Big thanks to Echappées belles!

Then today  Alice Choi sent me this photo:

It's from a Hong Kong newspaper. The only word I understand is "Vidar" so I hope they write something nice about us. The journalist spent two nights with us. The first night was all cloudy. Then she changed her flight to be able to stay for one more night and she got a lot of great shots. 
I'll update this post when I get the link to the articles and blog.


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