Creative vacatons

Creative vacatons

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

She's back, I'm back, we're all back

Finally the sun is back! We have all been missing her. We cannot see her down below, but she shines on the mountain tops for a little while at noon. After a long time without sun it is fantastic to see her again.

Last Friday I finally took the cast off my foot so that I can start walking, driving and taking photos again.
Every day I feel that the foot is stronger. On Sunday I was taking photos and enjoying it fully for the first time since I broke my leg.

Sunday the 13th was a cloudy day. According to the forecast it was cloudy everywhere. We had cancellations because of the weather. So I asked the group if they wanted to try, or if they wanted to cancel. Luckily most of the group wanted to give it a try. So when we headed out we didn't have high hopes.

After trying different places we ended high up in a valley. There we found a sky free of clouds and Aurora!

Finally to prove that we had been there we took the group photo.

It's always hard to take the group photo because everyone is just too occupied with their own photos and doesn't have time to sit down for ten seconds so that I can take it. Still this group made time for it and for that I'm grateful.

It was a struggle to find a clear sky, but we were rewarded by the best show so far this year.

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