Creative vacatons

Creative vacatons

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Panoramas: Lightroom Trouble and Solution

Last post I talked about Lightroom giving me warped images and how to fix it.

Here are photos that shows the whole process.
See last post for how to create panoramas in Lightroom.

First try: Lightroom gives me a panorama that is completely warped. It looks like it's beyond repair.

I press Cancel and go back to Library mode. I then select only two of the nine photos that make up this panorama. I choose the two in the middle.

The horizon looks straight and nice even though the top of the panorama looks a bit strange.
I press cancel and move on. Now I select four photos: The two that I selected last time and the two that are to the right and left of them.

Press Cancel, and select the two to the right and left of those.

Lastly select all nine images:

This time press Merge.

With a few simple steps I taught Lightroom to have a straight horizon.

This is all done in Lightroom 6.5. Yesterday I changed to Lightroom Classic CC. Time will tell if it is any different.

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